Friday, 18 May 2012

Current images

All the posts I have made since I left home on 18th April have been made from snapshot photographs taken under whatever conditions happened to be prevailing at the time.  When I eventually arrive home I shall scan all my drawings on a flatbed scanner and replace the present images with scanned images.  this will do nothing to improve my drawings but it ought to improve their presentation!

Rockfleet Castle

Monday, 7 May 2012

Coolnagarrane VI

4th May 2012
The cottage hearth in which a peat fire burned cheerily every night bar one of the week I spent there.

Coolnagarrane Cottage V

2nd May 2012
Drawing made near Toe Head, south of Skibbereen, with water-soluble graphite pencils.  The scene was softened by low cloud and mist descending from the top of the hill.  This area is well populated with both the remains of pre-historic buildings and those of more recently abandoned peasant farmhouses and cottages.

Coolnagarrane Cottage IV

2nd May 2012
May 2nd was a fine enough day for me to be able to sit outside to make this drawing.

Coolnagarrane Cottage III

1st May 2012
Another of the windowsills at the cottage.  This one was in the kitchen.

Coolnagarrane Cottage II

29th April 2012
A small bay near Mizzen Head, West Cork.  I made this sketch from the shelter of rocks which protected me from the fierce winds blowing that day.  Despite the shelter afforded by the rocks it was a less than pleasant environment in which to practise drawing.   Looking left from my shelter I had a clear view of the Fastnet Rock around a dozen kilometres south of me.

Coolnagarrane Cottage I

29th April 2012

Drawing of one of the interestingly decorated windowsills at the delightful Coolnagarrane Cottage near Skibbereen, West Cork.

At sea

19th April 2012

A less than flattering drawing of Lisi in the cabin on Superfast VI en-route from Patras to Ancona.

Publishing progress

Time now to do something with this blog which I established to be my personal record of my progress as a tryo draftsman/watercolourist.  I have played at these games for most of my life but earlier this year took a six week course since when I have essayed to practise drawing regularly.  In this I have not been entirely successful  but the spirit remains willing and I am doing something, if not each day, each week.