Monday, 23 July 2012

The Creative License

An inspiring book from an ardent disciple of Betty Edwards (See previous post) and possibly more accessible than hers.

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

A seminal book for anyone aspiring to draw confidently and accurately.

On Location 19th July 2012

In the foreground a corner of the byzantine monastery church of Agioi Theodoroi (The two saints Theodoros), and behind, the priests office at a long abandoned monastery near my home.

Everyday Matters Challenge III

There is more than a touch of nostalgia about this sketch.  I spent a week or so near Skibbereen in West Cork, I liked it there.  Fields, where I bought this bag, was  one of two supermarkets in town.

Daily Sketch XXII

Carl Larsson's drawing style is one I should very much like to emulate.  These two sketches are my attempts to copy details of his drawings.

Daily Sketch XX and Daily Sketch XXI

Here at this time of the year, the bigest difficulty I have, other than making an acceptably accurate drawing, is to find a shady spot from which to view a subject.  For these two sketches I found heavy shade under the large and venerable Carob tree that shades the terrace outside my house.

Daily Sketch IXX

I have problems trying to represent buildings at which I am looking upwards.  This sketch was an attempt to do that.

Daily Sketch XVIII

My shiny new Suzuki SX4 which, five days after taking delivery, is now my dusty new Suzuki SX4!

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Taking A Line For A Walk

I bought this little book recently.  It is a facsimile of the sketchbook/diary kept by Christopher Lambert when, in 2000 and in his 69th year, he walked from Le Havre to Rome.  Necessarily the scrawly handwriting is small and can be less than easy to read but it is all legible and worth the effort to read; the drawings are a delight.

EDM Challenge II

Daily Sketch XIV

AXO 1442 has been my trusty steed since march 2010.  She has served me well.  At some time next week I shall drive her for the last time to the garage from whence she came.  I shall miss her and hope that her shiny new replacement will serve me as diligently as has she.

Daily Sketch XIII

My house; bedroom window onto verandah.

Daily Sketch XII

Nothin would go right for me with this sketch. I must make a point of having another try at it.  When I produce something as poor as this I have to remind myself that it took more than a day to build Rome, and I dare say there were more than a few failures along the way.

On Location, 12th July 2012

Last Thursday I drew and painted this from the shady garden of the covent above Koroni.

Thursday ‘on location’ sessions always begin with a ‘warm-up’ sketch.  Each week we use one of several techniques designed in part to try to alter the mind from one that wants to draw what it knows into one that draws what it sees but also to repress any latent inhibitions concerning personal ability.
Last Thursday’s session began with a ‘wrong hand’, in my case my left hand, portrait sketch of whoever was opposite.  Gill was very nice about my representation of her, she is still talking to me!  In the flesh Gill is attractive and at least thirty years younger than my drawing might suggest!
The location, a tranquil Convent garden on a bluff above Koroni, a local old fishing village which now, inevitably relies more on tourism than fishing for income.  Be that as it may, Koroni is still a very pretty and agreeable place to be. 

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Carl Larsson

It was Pascaline, owner of a delightfully 'arty' B&B near Chamonix in the French Alps, a now regular port of call of mine on my trips across Europe, who first introduced me to the work of Carl Larsson.  He drew and painted in a style to which I would be ver happy to aspire and, by closely studying his drawings I have learned much about his techniques.  I now have three of his books; 'A Family', 'A Home' and 'A Farm'; all are a delight to browse.

Monday, 9 July 2012

'On Location', at the abandoned monastery of Agia Theodora. 28th June 2012

'On Location', at the Panagia Ellistria Church, Koroni. 5th July 2012

Drawing made in the grounds of the Panagia Ellistria Church, Koroni.

The Daily Sketch

On 1st July I set myself a challenge to make at least one sketch each day.  The sketches would be successively numbered and made for an indefinite.  The name I have chosen under which to keep these drawings is The 'Daily Sketch.

Here are scans of some of the nine 'Daily Sketches' drawn to date.  I shall add the remainder when I find them!  They are poor efforts but these are early days.  Tomorrow, sketch No.10, will mark the first milestone on this journey into the unknown.  The next milestone will be on 18th October, Sketch No100,  the third milestone, No.1,000, sometime in 2014, and the next, No. 10,000 will be at sometime in the twenty-thirties when I shall, d.v., be well into my nineties.  Surely, by then, my draftsmanship will be showing some improvement!

'On Location', at Methoni Castle. 21st June 2012

Here are scans of all the drawings I made at Gill Tomlinson's 'On Location' session at Methoni Castle on Thursday 2st June.

Five-minute timed, 'Speed Sketch'

Five-minute, timed 'Speed Sketch'

Unfinished drawing on double-page spread