Friday, 10 August 2012

'Daily Sketch ?': Mystraki

Quick sketch view of Mystraki from my balcony.  A good deal of colour has failed to reproduce at all and much of the little that has is inaccurate.  I know not why - must read the scanner instruction manual!

'Daily Sketch' XXIV

'Daily Sketch' XXV

Fish supper!

Daily Sketch XXX

'On Location'. 26th July 2012

Venetian Castle, Methoni.

'On Location' Sketch II. 26th July 2012

I made this unfinished sketch within half an hour or less of the end of the session.  I was challenged to work quickly, drawing directly with the unforgiving, un-erasable, pen.

Summer privations

On 1st August the first of my summer guests arrived bringing with them an end to my struggle to maintain a 'Daily Sketch' and a weekly 'Every Day matters' contribution.  But I have managed to some extent to keep my hand in, abandoning my guests on Thursday mornings and making a few random sketches as and when opportunities presented themselves.  Some of these I scanned to day and will publish above, others will have to wait for another occasion when grandchildren are hapilly engaged doing something other than 'helping grand-dad'!