Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Recent Drawings

Recent drawings - in no particular order

Doorway in Noto Sicily.  Drawn from photograph 14 12 2012

Idea for a Yuletide greetings card.  Drawn 7 12 2012

Because I find them so difficult I have been avoiding drawing people.  In order to try to overcome this people-phobia have essayed to draw them more often.  While in Sicily I took many photographs of random  people so that I might spend dark winter evenings practising copying them.  Drawn 15 12 2012

Sicilians, Noto, Sicily.  Drawn 12-16 12 2012

More Sicilians, Noto, Sicily.  Drawn 9 12 2012

Lisi at her computer, drawn from life but coloured from memory.  I made the drawing in the morning before going out for several hours.  When I returned Lisi had re-arranged the furniture in the room obliging me to resort largely to memory to finish the drawing.

Ruined tower near Loutsa Beach on a foul weather morning.  4 12 2012

Morning coffee and chocolate chip cookies; my invariable breakfast. 21 11 2012

An attempt at a portrait to illustrate her birthday card of one of my grand-daughters.  Would like to have had a go at this again to make and improved version but birthdays do not wait so I had to either give up the idea of a portrait birthday card or go with what I had.  3 12 2012

Excellent anchovies bought in Marzemeni, Sicily.  Drawn 21 11 2012

My studio; work in progress!  30 11 2012

'On Location', Koroni. 22 11 2012

Filthy day,  Kalamata.  Drawn from photograph 3 12 2012

A side of the living room drawn over two pages.   The white space above the settee is waiting for a mural to be painted on it.  27 12 2012

Vendicari, Sicily. 5 11 2012

Velanidia (My home) from the south-west.  26 11 2012

Attempt, across two pages, to copy of a drawing in Samuel Palmer's 1824 sketchbook inspired, perhaps, by the Greceo-Roman carving, in the British Museum, of Edymion asleep on Mt Latimos. 

After the Saturday Stroll.  Boots, cooling. 24 11 2012

Cluttered kitchen; ' . . to clean or to draw?  That is the question!' 23 11 2012

Lisi's wooden house among Balsam Poplars at Vallanes, Iceland.  Drawn from photograph recently taken by a friend   of hers who is still at the farm.  Like a migrating bird, Lisi will return there in the spring and return to Greece in the autumn!  Drawn 15 12 2012

Monday, 29 October 2012

Sicily, 16th October 2012 - ?

Carob tree and barbecue at Tre Fontaine
Store room and kitchen at Zisolhouse
The barbecue at the Zisolhouse, Noto.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Sketches made on a trip to Neápolis Laconia & the island of Kythera, 13-27 September 2012

Ruin below the balcony of my room at Neapolis made over several days 14-17/9/2012

Shop at Milopotamos, Kythera

Old church near Valanidia, Laconia

Fishing boat moored in tiny harbour north of Neapolis

Goat looking down on me!  Velanidia, Laconia

Complimentary Loukomades at Neapoli taverna

Fishy meal, Kythera

Kythera.  Early C16th Venetian 'look-out' castello

Kythera.  Bar entrance

Kythera.  Shop entrance

Arcangelos. Kafeneon

'On Location' Sketches

Venue: Omega taverna. Finicounda.  2nd Drawing. 16/8/2012

Venue: Byzantine chapel, Yamyia  1st Drawing

Venue: Kafeneon, Yamyia. 2nd Drawing

Venue: Mystraki, 1st Drawing 30/8/2012

Venue: Mystraki, 2nd Drawing 30/8/2012

Venue: Kaplani. 6/9/2012
Unfinished drawing. The Venetian Square, Koroni. 
Koroni harbourside.
Koroni. Convent chapel

Venue: AgiosAndreas.  13/9/2012

Miscellaneous drawings

These drawings are posted in no particular order.

Lachanada kafeneon. 30/7/2012

 Kalamata.  At the Marina taverna.  1/8/2012

Finicounda, Gardenia café. 2/8/2012

Childs folding chair.  One of two I bought at a motorway service station on the M6

Fishy stuff at Taverna Maria, Tsapi. 

Lambres beach, Zanzibar bar. 15/8/2012

Lambres beach from Zanzibar beach bar. 15/8/2012

Finicounda, Gardenia café.

Methoni street. 27/8/2012

Traditional Greek chairs at the taverna at Loutsa.  28/8/2012

Banana tree and changing hut. Loutsa. 28/8/2012

Sand castle. Zanzibar beach bar. 29/8/2012

Mia's giant garlic. 1

Mia's giant garlic 2.

Door and window. Finicounda.

Finicounda, Carob Tree taverna. 30/7/2012

Near megalopolis.  Very quick sketch made at a taverna en-route for Athens Airport.