Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Miscellaneous drawings

These drawings are posted in no particular order.

Lachanada kafeneon. 30/7/2012

 Kalamata.  At the Marina taverna.  1/8/2012

Finicounda, Gardenia café. 2/8/2012

Childs folding chair.  One of two I bought at a motorway service station on the M6

Fishy stuff at Taverna Maria, Tsapi. 

Lambres beach, Zanzibar bar. 15/8/2012

Lambres beach from Zanzibar beach bar. 15/8/2012

Finicounda, Gardenia café.

Methoni street. 27/8/2012

Traditional Greek chairs at the taverna at Loutsa.  28/8/2012

Banana tree and changing hut. Loutsa. 28/8/2012

Sand castle. Zanzibar beach bar. 29/8/2012

Mia's giant garlic. 1

Mia's giant garlic 2.

Door and window. Finicounda.

Finicounda, Carob Tree taverna. 30/7/2012

Near megalopolis.  Very quick sketch made at a taverna en-route for Athens Airport.


  1. Fabulous. Much more atmospheric than photographs.

  2. Thank you for your kind and encouraging words - they do help overcome destructive if inevitable self-criticism.

  3. I hate that Beast of Self Criticism myself, because I know that sometimes it is right and sometimes it is wrong, and I find it very hard to tell which of these two states of the Beast is which.