Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Recent Drawings

Recent drawings - in no particular order

Doorway in Noto Sicily.  Drawn from photograph 14 12 2012

Idea for a Yuletide greetings card.  Drawn 7 12 2012

Because I find them so difficult I have been avoiding drawing people.  In order to try to overcome this people-phobia have essayed to draw them more often.  While in Sicily I took many photographs of random  people so that I might spend dark winter evenings practising copying them.  Drawn 15 12 2012

Sicilians, Noto, Sicily.  Drawn 12-16 12 2012

More Sicilians, Noto, Sicily.  Drawn 9 12 2012

Lisi at her computer, drawn from life but coloured from memory.  I made the drawing in the morning before going out for several hours.  When I returned Lisi had re-arranged the furniture in the room obliging me to resort largely to memory to finish the drawing.

Ruined tower near Loutsa Beach on a foul weather morning.  4 12 2012

Morning coffee and chocolate chip cookies; my invariable breakfast. 21 11 2012

An attempt at a portrait to illustrate her birthday card of one of my grand-daughters.  Would like to have had a go at this again to make and improved version but birthdays do not wait so I had to either give up the idea of a portrait birthday card or go with what I had.  3 12 2012

Excellent anchovies bought in Marzemeni, Sicily.  Drawn 21 11 2012

My studio; work in progress!  30 11 2012

'On Location', Koroni. 22 11 2012

Filthy day,  Kalamata.  Drawn from photograph 3 12 2012

A side of the living room drawn over two pages.   The white space above the settee is waiting for a mural to be painted on it.  27 12 2012

Vendicari, Sicily. 5 11 2012

Velanidia (My home) from the south-west.  26 11 2012

Attempt, across two pages, to copy of a drawing in Samuel Palmer's 1824 sketchbook inspired, perhaps, by the Greceo-Roman carving, in the British Museum, of Edymion asleep on Mt Latimos. 

After the Saturday Stroll.  Boots, cooling. 24 11 2012

Cluttered kitchen; ' . . to clean or to draw?  That is the question!' 23 11 2012

Lisi's wooden house among Balsam Poplars at Vallanes, Iceland.  Drawn from photograph recently taken by a friend   of hers who is still at the farm.  Like a migrating bird, Lisi will return there in the spring and return to Greece in the autumn!  Drawn 15 12 2012


  1. I really do like your style John, and those Sicilian people drawings really have something nice about them.

  2. and not having visited for a while, then looking back too, I can see it is evolving nicely

  3. wow John - what an amazing collection of sketches - congratulations!

  4. Thank you for your kind comments but I know that I am yet far, far from the end of this particular journey!