Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Drawings since 9th January

On 8th January I reached the end of a sketchbook albeit leaving several blank right-hand, sketching, pages - these I shall gradually fill as time permits.

I have for a while been concerned that making coloured drawings was compromising both my drawing and my painting; since, on 9th January, I began a new book I have reserved it only for line and tone drawings.  I shall continue to paint but hereafter I shall use colours either on loose sheets of water-colour paper or in specially dedicated sketchbooks.

Attempted copy of a detail of a painting by Chardin

Abandoned drawing of my hand.  I began the drawing but had to interrupt the work.  I expected to be able to re-create the 'pose' later but could not.  I abandoned the drawing at the point of interruption.

I have joined an acrylic painting workshop.  I shall be attending each Friday morning for the four weeks of January.  This is a drawing I made from a photograph of workshop leader Jackie Sherwood instructing a fellow student.

Lisi's bedroom in the newly 'tented' verandah.

Drawn from a photograph taken over twenty-five years ago of my No2 daughter, Alice, with a pet bird.
A wet day in Kalamata.  I tried to tone this partly by bleeding the non-waterproof ink with which I made the drawing and some very watery watercolour paint.
Stack of pebbles  on verandah wall.
One of my birthday present candles.
Drawn from a photograph I took at the end of a jetty in a tiny cove in the west of Ireland in October, 2011.  Looking down into the sea through about a metre of clear water I snapped some of many stones of dead fish that had been abandoned there.
Taken from a photograph of the Fastnet Rock taken in Octobr 2011, from one of the west Cork Peninsulae.
Attempted portrait drawing of No 3 granddaughter, Jessica, fo her sixteenth birthday card.   Although there are inklings of likeness here and there the drawing is an unflattering failure
From a photograph taken at Kealkil, near Bantry, Ireland - a very magical place!  
The label on this ruined life-ring, photographed at a cove in the West of Ireland in October 2011, says: " Life saving equipment please do not damage"!
Despite taking boxes of books to the book-fair, we yet are in need of more book shelves; this is a sketch of our latest.
Window, West Cork. From a photograph taken in October 2011.

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