Friday, 6 December 2013

Good News for the Built Heritage of the Balkans

The following three sketches were made from photographs illustrating the text of an essay in the Ancient Monument Society's publication “Transactions”, Volume 52, 2008; ‘The Built Heritage of the Balkans: A Rehabilitation Project’ by John Bold.
Jusuf Maskovic Han (Caravanserai), Vrana, Croatia.  Built 1644/5
Fortified Church of St. Nicholas, Drauseni, Romania. Present building dates from 13th Century
Aladza Mosque, Bosnia and Herzegovinia.  Built 1550/1, destroyed 1992/5.  This beautiful Mosque was completely destroyed by Christian Bosnian Serbs attempting to eradicate all traces of a Muslim Culture in  their country.  The remains of the building, scattered over a mass grave, are presently being recovered and used to restore the Mosque to something of its former glory.

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