Friday, 31 January 2014

The Toy Boomerang

Drawn 21st January
In 1999 a couple from the UK came to visit us at home; they had with them her three children, two girls and a boy.  The boy,  Robin, then ten or twelve years old brought with him a precious and new toy boomerang which he launched on its maiden and only flight from a meadow next to the house; the boomerang did not come back, it fell into dense scrub.  Despite long and intensive searching the toy could not be found.

In January 2014, to liberate into view some fine woodland and a dramatic limestone outcrop, Lisi and I have been clearing of undergrowth the steep bank that rises from our track to the meadow from which, so many years ago, the toy boomerang was launched.  Apart from exposing, for the first time in many years, some beautiful rocks and trees we had also exposed the errant boomerang. In something amazingly close to its original condition, the toy was lodged on a heart-shaped rock at the foot of a cleft between two huge boulders.

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