Monday, 9 July 2012

The Daily Sketch

On 1st July I set myself a challenge to make at least one sketch each day.  The sketches would be successively numbered and made for an indefinite.  The name I have chosen under which to keep these drawings is The 'Daily Sketch.

Here are scans of some of the nine 'Daily Sketches' drawn to date.  I shall add the remainder when I find them!  They are poor efforts but these are early days.  Tomorrow, sketch No.10, will mark the first milestone on this journey into the unknown.  The next milestone will be on 18th October, Sketch No100,  the third milestone, No.1,000, sometime in 2014, and the next, No. 10,000 will be at sometime in the twenty-thirties when I shall, d.v., be well into my nineties.  Surely, by then, my draftsmanship will be showing some improvement!

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  1. I do love your Daily Sketches John, I think they are very good. I enjoy them.