Monday, 18 February 2013

8th February

The car I bought last summer, a Suzuki SX4, is excellent.  As a comfortable, easy to drive, economical vehicle it more than adequately serves my needs but it would be cruel, particularly in the winter, to expect it to cope with the kilometre of track, which has more in common with a rocky stream bed than a road, that runs from Mystraki village to my house.  In order to save my SX4 further pain I decided to buy another vehicle; one better suited to off-road use.  My friendly Suzuki dealer had in his stock a twenty year old, built like a tank, Vitara which he sold to me for not a lot of euros with a year's unconditional guarantee thrown in.  Elisabeth has named our new 'village shuttle bus' Delores!

I need a lot of practice at drawing everything, cars in particular!

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